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Our Services

  • Strategic Planning - optimal applications of information technology to power your market leadership
  • Internet Marketing - SEO is not enough.  You'll need list building, driving traffic, conversion strategies, upsells and repeat business
  • Facebook Marketing - For many businesses, Facebook provides unmatched market research tools, ability to target and retarget audiences with high affinity to your offer, and exceptional ROI
  • Systems Analysis - identifying critical success factors and absolute requirements. Defining project or marketing campaign constraints and objectives.
  • Design - experience, creativity and your desired outcomes are integrated into a detailed effective design and plan. 
  • Development - utilizing best-of-breed technologies, agile methodologies and mature software engineering resources, robust turnkey solutions are delivered. Then, skilled creative people can apply their craft to deploy a  flexible, agile business and/or marketing machine.
  • Project Management - balancing project constraints of cost, schedule, scope and quality to meet and exceed your expectations
  • Technology Partnership - we seek to develop mutually beneficial, ongoing relationships. Your win is our win.

Our Expertise

Project leadership is provided by Peter Odenal, business analyst and entrepreneur with a track record for success. Mr. Odenal has experience in the software business since 1981, as a partner in software system ventures, including hospital pharmacy, electronic medical records, banking, franchisors, ecommerce, electronic publishing and alorithmic trading. Peter has served as director of SIDA (Software Industry Development Association).

Peter's core competencies center around sales automation, ecommerce, Internet marketing and software development. 

BusinessBuilder Tech enjoys strategic relationships with experts in several domains related to software engineering, intellectual property, Internet marketing, securities and business development.  Contact Peter to discuss how to leverage Internet technology to grow your business.


Our Quality

We have a keen interest in long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships. We seek to develop business partnerships, not just serving as a provider of outsourced Internet marketing and IT services. 

In business, results are what matter most to the bottom line.  We get that and are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations.  Additionally, quality relationships are pre-requisite to sustainable results, quality of life and  the many expressions of abundance. 

Our business vision is to work with leaders in select domains to achieve results with transparency, integrity, mutual trust and commitment.  Although, we operate in a competitive environment, our values are centered in a higher-purpose. Your successes are our successes.